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  • 10.18.2006 Exstora
    version 1.0 Pro released.
  • 10.16.2006 Exstora
    version 1.0
  • 08.30.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9e
  • 07.18.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9d
  • 07.06.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9c
  • 06.08.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9b
  • Notes organizer, scheduling calendar: Exstora Forum

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    Notes organizer/scheduling calendar Exstora: Forum / General / Requests / improvements
    Author Message
    # Posted: 23 Mar 2006 04:34 - Edited by: evaarties

    First off all, I like this program. Small and has a nice overview.

    Some improvements I would like to see (some are already mentioned on the forum):

    * Make a right click possible on a date to enter new events.
    * Add a ToDo pane, where you can put items like a note, but can also mark items as finished etc (like in Rainlendar).
    * See all events for x days in the events pane.
    * make the option 'advanced' also available when right click on the event pane when your NOT on a existing event
    * Use some sort of preferences (ie for setting the 'start-of-week-day)
    * Add weeknumbers (preferebly using ISO8601)
    * Show a tooltip with events when you are over a day in the month overview
    * When you change the month using those < and > beneath the month overview, do not display the events, or display all events for the shown month. The way it is now is confusing.
    * Add arrows to change the day also (just double clicking every day isn't inuitive), maybe use double arrows like << and >> for the months and single (< and >) for the days.
    * When you double click the date between < and >, show a popup where you can set a 'go-to' date. After entering, the calendar goes to that date (handy when you want to go 2 years ahead).
    * Make it optional to automatically show the notes details when hovering on one. Is annoying when you accidentally click/hover on one.
    *Make the TAB key available when entering an event in simple mode so you can go to the time.
    * When you change to another date, it is difficult to get back to the current date (expect unshow / show the calendar) (read you already implemented this in the next version)
    * Make it possible to save all events / notes on a specific location (handy for backups)
    * Make it possible to specify where Extora should store its events / notes, not automatically use the installed directory (maybe use 'My Documents/Extora' as default)
    * Extra options when right click on event; at least '(Un)Mark as finished'
    * An event with a duration shows 'not started yet' in the time column, now I don't know when it starts. Show the duration in a seperate column.

    This is it for now, I will work with this program for a while which maybe gives me more ideas.

    One thing, keep it as light as it is now.. no need to add emailfunctionality, chat, webcam etc. Just maybe multi-user shared calendars.

    # Posted: 23 Mar 2006 10:59

    * Make it running under Windows 98

    I tested it and it can be installed but when you start it, an error occures.

    # Posted: 24 Mar 2006 03:59 - Edited by: evaarties

    I found this on the filezilla forum:

    According to this link:

    http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?Fa milyId=73BA7BD7-ED06-4F0D-80A4-2A7EEAEE17E2&displa ylang=en

    Windows 95/98 applications can provide Unicode support if this utility is installed.

    This link explains how to provide support in your application for the above utility.

    http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/handson/dev/msl u_announce.mspx

    Maybe you can find some time to implement this, I am willing to test for you on windows 98 SE.

    # Posted: 25 Mar 2006 02:53

    OK, I will try to make a new version running under Windows 98

    # Posted: 28 Mar 2006 09:29

    Just installed your program on my homepc and found out that you can't move it to another screen (I have a dualscreen setup).

    It docks at the side and can't be move any further.

    Please make it so it docks but notices when you want to move further so it undocks and use the second screensides for docking.

    # Posted: 28 Mar 2006 14:37

    Ah, another request:

    * make it so that events can have a reoccurence schedule:

    Type: once, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
    Reoccurce every:
    (daily)-> enter number of days before reoccuring
    (weekly)-> choose a weekday
    (monthly)-> every 'currentdate' day or every 'current' type of day (saturday, sunday etc)

    # Posted: 31 Mar 2006 12:34

    Thank you very much for your suggestions and wishes. You produce ideas faster than I can program! :-)

    Some of these suggestions are quite interesting and we will try to implement them in a next versions.

    Tre Rosor
    # Posted: 9 Apr 2006 13:18

    Thank's a lot for your eminent software!
    But, I have also (so far) some requests/questions.
    What do you think about export function of notes? I think that it would be nice to have that feature.
    And please decrease the fading effect on your web site, since I hardly can read it.
    And why don't you have an link to your website in the software?
    Would you like me to translate your program/web site (partly) to Swedish. i have done that to another software (Actualdoc at Flexigensoft.com).

    # Posted: 10 Apr 2006 13:58

    If you want to translate Exstora to Swedish, you can get language file at http://www.exstora.com/exstora_loc.ini file and type your translation on the right on "=" sign, for example:

    "Mark as Completed"="Your Translation Here"
    "Color Scheme:"="Your Translation Here:"

    Translated INI file, please send me to support _at_ exstora.com

    Thank you,

    # Posted: 20 Apr 2006 07:49

    Add the ability to schedule an event X hours, Y minutes from the current time to the Add Event function.

    # Posted: 1 May 2006 20:19 - Edited by: doublewitt

    How about a TODAY button to quickly get back from previous and future dates...

    # Posted: 2 May 2006 10:32

    It was already done.
    Just click "Open/Close Calendar" button twice...

    # Posted: 7 Sep 2006 12:21

    Wonderful software.
    Possible to highlight dates on calendar when at least one note with this date exists ?
    And to show the list of notes with the same date as a day selected by clicking on it on the calendar?


    # Posted: 14 Sep 2006 23:45

    Possible to highlight dates on calendar when at least one note with this date exists ?

    One note or one event?

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