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  • 10.18.2006 Exstora
    version 1.0 Pro released.
  • 10.16.2006 Exstora
    version 1.0
  • 08.30.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9e
  • 07.18.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9d
  • 07.06.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9c
  • 06.08.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9b
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    Notes organizer/scheduling calendar Exstora: Forum / Technical support / Crash on "Add event"
    Author Message
    # Posted: 11 Jul 2006 15:40

    I have just found this program and it looks great! Perfect for my needs. So thank you first of all for developing it.

    Unfortunately I cannot use it for Events at all because adding anything other than a "short-term event" immediately crashes the program! I simply right-click the Event area and go to "New" and it crashes immediately. This also happens with the Ctrl-E shortcut.

    I have verified this on 2 systems with 0.9.9c, both Windows 2000, Pentium 4, latest service packs and updates. There is also a report on Betanews of the same problem with someone who is on Windows XP:
    http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Exstora/11413 20474/1

    I very much want to use this program. Can a fix be provided? That would be greatly appreciated!

    - Oshyan

    # Posted: 13 Jul 2006 12:27

    Thank you for this report!

    Now we try to resolve this problem, and we do our best to release a fix ASAP

    # Posted: 18 Jul 2006 09:39

    I just wanted to say that Vlad did a great job tracking this down. He coordinated with me through e-mail and gave me a new build almost every day until it was fixed. Very good support!

    Thanks to the Exstora team. :)

    - Oshyan

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