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  • 10.18.2006 Exstora
    version 1.0 Pro released.
  • 10.16.2006 Exstora
    version 1.0
  • 08.30.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9e
  • 07.18.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9d
  • 07.06.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9c
  • 06.08.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9b
  • Notes organizer, scheduling calendar: Exstora Forum

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    Notes organizer/scheduling calendar Exstora: Forum / Technical support / Small bugs and big ideas ;)
    Author Message
    # Posted: 2 Jun 2006 07:41

    Very nice piece of software. I emailed you a french translation of the .ini file.

    Here are a few comments :

    Bugs / interface problems
    - When I undock it and resize it, if I dock it again it goes back to default size. It would be nice if it could be docked anywhere.
    - would be nice if the calendar could be resize and /or opened only when the mouse rolls over some icon (it would be an option in the settings) so as not to clutter the space
    - it would be nice to be able to resize the column's width so it takes less space.
    - the "minimize box" is not self-explanatory, because it is usually associated with a "hide" box and a "close box" so it could be nice to add a tooltip.

    New features

    - Have a few type settings choice (font type, font size, bold, italic, regular...) and color highlights, just like the php system un the forum !
    - Have a tabbed system; like the one in PodXP (www.podxp.com) where you van tab something, and it opens when you rollover on the tab
    - add categories colors (for the small files icons) with a customizable text (example : red could be (default mode) "Category number One" or "user-defined name"), with the option to link a color to a specific category or group of categories
    - Add nested notes (identations). I use frequently Softnotes (http://softchris.free.fr/softnote2005.htm)a very good freeware in French in the style of Treepad (http://www.treepad.com/treepadfreeware/). You could have a look at it to get some nice features ideas, even if the philosophy is different.



    # Posted: 8 Jun 2006 23:27

    Thank you for your suggestions!

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