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  • 10.18.2006 Exstora
    version 1.0 Pro released.
  • 10.16.2006 Exstora
    version 1.0
  • 08.30.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9e
  • 07.18.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9d
  • 07.06.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9c
  • 06.08.2006 Exstora
    version 0.9.9b
  • Notes organizer, scheduling calendar: Exstora Forum

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    Notes organizer/scheduling calendar Exstora: Forum / Technical support / has potential, but needs a little work
    Author Message
    # Posted: 2 Mar 2006 13:14

    this program definitely has porential. id consider using it fulltime as a personal calendar (i HATE heavy crap like outlook!) but it needs some tweaking. here are my suggestions:

    i like that i can right click the tray icon to add a new even, but it auto-adds the event to the current day and wants you to fill in the name. how about opening a little frame where i can set the date at the top then type the even message. how often do people add events to the current day!?

    next... is it just me or it a little high on the RAM and cpu usage? im clocking it just under 6mb ram and ALWAYS 1% CPU. theres no excuse for that. especially with such a lightweight program. some work needs to be done in that are.

    i dont mean to point fingers, but maybe have a look at Rainlendar (http://ipi.fi/~rainy/index.php?pn=projects&projec t=rainlendar) for how the add event and system resource usage should be

    best of luck to ya. i look forward to seeing future progress in this project

    # Posted: 4 Mar 2006 00:58

    Thank you for your kind words about our software.
    We will do our best to correct these issues

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